You Are Worth More


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I am an avid reader and I measure a book by how many markups and tabs I put in a book and you can see in just a few chapters I have a bunch to refer back to. I am a Serial Entrepreneur of over 40+ years and I love ANYTHING to do with people like myself. 

Thanks for sharing your story with me and I look forward to finishing reading it. My wife often tells me I need to write a book. I think often people that have never suffered loses like yours have a hard time understanding the price of success. They only see the after-effects. I often struggle with business owners being condemned as some evil person that steals from the unsuspecting by underpaying their employee’s, not providing a livable wage, benefits, etc. What they don’t understand is the back story. It’s the back story to success that keeps most successful people humble and I love reading the struggles that they overcame to get there. The struggle is real but, it is worth fighting for.

Thanks for putting up a good fight. I appreciate people like you.

Darrell Elkins